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May 25, 2001
Yellowstone Chief Out
As Future of 1st National Park in Doubt!

By Amy Williams

YOSEMITE VALLEY -- The former Yosemite NPS Superintendent, George Finley, is leaving his current job at Yellowstone, and quiting the National Park Service for good.
     The departing superintendent of Yellowstone National Park says he believes the future of the nationís first national park is in serious danger.
     Encroaching development, exotic species, severe funding shortages and swelling visitor numbers all threaten Yellowstone, Michael Finley told reporters in Livingston, Montana on Wednesday.
     Finley spoke frankly as he said "I think the public should know this park is at severe risk.Unless something occurs to mitigate that risk, weíre going to have a diminished Yellowstone in the future." Finley introduced dramatic changes at Yellowstone that brough unwelcomed attention to him and the NPS. One innovation her introduced was the reintroduction of timber wolves .; Another was the bann on snowmobiles.
     The Bush White House recently announced that the snowmobile ban in Yellowstone is being reconsidered. Finley said, "I've tried to make decisions that will withstand the test of time. Yellowstone should be here for your grandchildren." he said.
     "At some point, you just canít keep dumping thousands of people into the park.The parkís mission is not to sell more motel rooms in an adjacent community or more rubber tomahawks!" he concluded.

Letter to the Editor

April 23, 2001

New Forest Service Chief
For Pacific SW Near Clovis!

By Chris West, American Forest Resource Council

SEQUOIA -- Dale Bosworth was appointed the fifteenth Chief of the Forest Service. Dale is a career Forest Service employee with 35 years of service.
     He has been Deputy Regional Forester, Pacific Southwest Region near Fresno, Calif. Bosworth was raised in Northern California where his father worked for the Forest Service.
     He also has a son who is a forester on the Black Hills National Forest. Dale's current assignment in Region 1 is in an area that has been hit with forest health and wildfire problems in recent years.
     With this background and knowledge of western and Midwest forest issues he brings a good understanding of the problems facing him as Chief.

Letter to the Editor

Sierra Framework Appealed [04/21/01]
YOSEMITE - This week, a coalition of natural resource, recreation and forestry groups filed an administrative appeal of the Sierra Nevada Forest Plan (Framework) which was signed by Regional Forester Brad Powell on January 12.

Bosworth Named Nat. Forest Service Chief [04/12/01]
SEQUOIA -- Dale Bosworth was appointed the fifteenth Chief of the Forest Service. Dale is a career Forest Service employee with 35 years of service.

Yosemite's Silent Spring [03/01/96]
YOSEMITE - This past year the wilderness in and around Yosemite National Park
was strangely silent. Gone are the croaking ...

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Nature Notes
"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."
     -- John Muir, 1901

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